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AECOM綜合服務: Our capabilities include: 建築設計 Architecture 建築工程 Building Engineering 規劃設計 Design + Planning 城市發展 Urban Development 水務 Water 環境 Environment 能源 Energy 政府服務 Government 大地工程 Geotechnical 礦業 Mining 石油
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臺北市的AECOM職缺現於 招聘:Senior Developer,Project Engineer,Engineer與更多 使用 為 帳號建立您的 Indeed 履歷 ,即可更快速應徵職缺。
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AECOM has extensive experience of working in Riyadh and other major global cities. With our network of planners, designers, engineers and management professionals, we have the knowledge and reach to develop and deliver innovative infrastructure solutions that improve lives and connect communities.
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Aecom執行長狄奧尼秀表示,透過併購,可以在臺灣增加新服務。 Aecom成立於1990年,是1家為世界各國政府及商業客戶提供專業技術和管理服務的 公司,也是財富雜誌全球500大公司之一,公司名稱是以建築,工程,顧問,運作以及 管理的5個英文字開頭字母拼成。
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Aecom – Future of Construction

In the inherently physical construction industry, it’s not just digital technologies causing sweeping transformations. Consider the wasteful temporary walls that crop up at countless sites, especially repositioning projects. Our X-Closure system is reusable, fire-rated
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AECOM is a Fortune 500 firm and its Professional Services business had revenue of $13.2 billion in fiscal year 2020. See how we deliver what others can only imagine at and @AECOM.
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AECOM completes sale of its Civil construction business

4/1/2021 · AECOM is a Fortune 500 firm and its Professional Services business had revenue of $13.2 billion in fiscal year 2020. See how we deliver what others can only imagine at and @AECOM
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AECOM We partner with our clients in the public and private sectors to solve their most complex challenges and build legacies for generations to come. On projects spanning transportation, buildings, water, governments, energy and the environment, our teams are driven by a common purpose to deliver a better world.
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想了解AECOM待遇怎么樣?已有203名AECOM員工在看準網( 曝光工資收入:AECOM平均工資10000,點擊查看AECOM工資待遇詳情,平均工資,加班工資,基本工資,績效工資,稅前稅后工資,年終獎,獎金補助提成等薪酬福利,以及AECOM
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AECOM (ACM) Offloads Civil Construction Business to …

8/1/2021 · AECOM ACM has wrapped up the divestiture of its civil construction business to affiliates of Oroco Capital. The company is winding up its at-risk construction businesses and is
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徐嘉聲 – 計畫副理 – AECOM
AECOM 計畫副理 臺灣 28 位聯絡人 加入即可建立關係 AECOM 檢舉此個人檔案 工作經歷 計畫副理 AECOM 2018 年 4 月 – 目前 2 年 9 個月 臺北市 組長 臺灣水資源與農業研究院 2017 年 1 月 – 目前 4 年 徐嘉聲的完整檔案
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AECOM 臺灣區業務發展總監 AECOM 1996 年 8 月 – 目前 24 年 7 個月 臺灣 教育背景 淡江大學 淡江大學 碩士 水資源暨環境工程 優 1990 年 – 1995 年 Chia Kang的完整檔案
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AECOM (NYSE: ACM) is a global provider of professional technical and management support services to a broad range of markets, including transportation, facilities, environmental, energy, water and government. With approximately 45,000 employees around the world, AECOM is a leader in all of the
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